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This is the cooperation language to be included in Purchase Agreements:
The Buyer herein acknowledges that it is the intention of the Seller to conduct an IRC Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange and that the Seller's rights under this Purchase Agreement shall be assigned to Commercial Partners Exchange Company, LLC, to facilitate such exchange. However, any warranties that may be expressed in this contract shall remain and be enforceable between the parties executing this document.   Buyer agrees to cooperate with the Seller and/or its assigns in a manner necessary to enable the Seller to initiate said exchange at no additional cost or liability.  This Purchase Agreement is part of an integrated, interdependent, mutual and reciprocal plan intended to effectuate an exchange by Seller of a like-kind real properties pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Buyer shall execute and provide to Seller prior to closing, an acknowledgement, that Buyer has received written notice of the assignment of the Seller’s rights under this Purchase Agreement to Commercial Partners Exchange Company, LLC.