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New to the business or been doing this for years, keeping track of your property operations is very important.  Keeping high quality records can make you and save you lots of TIME and MONEY.


If you buy investment real estate, I guarantee you have a lot of due diligence to perform before you make it to the closing table.  And a lot of other people are also involved in the process and having high quality records make this process much easier to get the deal done.

In my real estate business, I work with a lot of people who depend on high quality records. 

Who will use your property operating records:

Accountants:   Tax preparation

Lenders:   Finance or Refinance of your property

Appraisers:   To provide an accurate valuation of your property

Buyers:   If you are selling, buyers want full and accurate information

Brokers:   Helps them sell your real estate

Property Managers:   If you hire a property manager, your records are needed to provide the best service


METRO GROUP REAL ESTATE has created a One-Stop document that will make your real estate investment life easier and anyone who depends on your records will also know you are on top of your operations.  In an easy to use Excel document, you will receive the following documents:

  • Property Description

  • Property Inspection Checklist

  • Annual Operating Statement

  • Monthly Operating Statement

  • General Ledger

  • Rent Roll

  • Monthly Rent Collection Tracker

  • Mortgage Amortization Schedule

  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • CRP Schedule

  • Move-In Checklist

  • Move-Out Checklist

  • Vendor List

  • Rental Application

Note: Experience with Microsoft Excel will give you the best results.

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